Personal Statement


My goal was to create a diverse portfolio while experimenting with technique and composition. I am fairly new to the world of art.  For more than half my life I have been involved with computers and technology, thinking logically.

While studying New Media I was introduced to Art History and studio classes which spurred my inner desire to create.  Being a left hand programmer was a little hard on the mind.  In some ways I was working against my nature.  While painting or drawing I enter an experiential state of mind that satisfies my left handed nature.  In some ways this is art therapy.

After this discovery of non-concentration while working, I decided to enter a state of experiential existence instead of constant analytical function.  By doing so I feel my ideas and allow them come to me instead of rigidly and systematically developing them.  They stem from my long time interests relating to science, experience, technology and how it is affecting our culture.

My personal motto is “Creative Thinking is Abstract Working”.